Disable Youtube related videos on WordPress website

WordPress has a function call wp_oembed_get which retrieve the embed code for a URL from a supported oEmbed provider, for example YouTube, Vimeo etc. The function look like this: $embed_code = wp_oembed_get( $url, $args ); It takes two parameters. First one is the embedded url. For example the url of

WordPress Infinite next and previous post looping within same category

In one one of my recent WordPress project, the client has asked me to implement infinite next and previous post looping for his ART post-type within the same category. I have found a solution and it’s working perfectly! By default WordPress shows no previous post link when someone is viewing

Alternative way to get the WordPress featured image

We all know about the featured images in WordPress post, page or custom post type. By using the function the_post_thumbnail, we can get the featured image. Recently WordPress has changed the output html markup of this function so that it can load proper image size according to the screen resolution

Prevent WordPress users from uploading large or small images

Recently I came across this situation, one of my client had asked me to prevent his site editor from uploading large images as well as smaller images from WordPress media uploader. I can’t say it is very important but yes it is a very common situation that may face by